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DTC10 is the new series products to our dual lens family of trail camera. The dual lens trail camera is a trail camera that has a designated lens for day time photos, and a designated lens for nighttime photos. This creates better quality night time photos as well as a virtually silent trail camera. Featuring with 13MP Sony Sensor and 2MP night time sensor, the camera combination for daytime photography is finely tuned to deliver clear, razor sharp images and videos in the field during the daytime.  The military grade night vision sensor and lens system deliver nighttime photos and videos using invisible Infrared illumination. DTC10 also features a 2.4 inch color view screen and shoots 4K ultra-high HD videos at up to 60 frames per second.  If you are looking for our most feature rich trail camera that operates completely undetectable in the woods, day or night, look no further than our dual lens series camera.

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  • 13M SONY sensor for daytime and 2M SONY sensor for nighttime, it would active super nice picture quality both in daytime and nighttime
  • 48MP Crystal clear day shots in colour, black and white shots at night!
  • 4K(30fps) Utra HD and 1080P(60fps) FullHD video for comfortable visual experience
  • Ultra HD videos with sound recording through a built-in microphone!
  • Fast data transfer of the captured images and videos from the camera via WiFi connection to a mobile device
  • Overview and management of camera system settings via app via WiFi connection
  • Real-time preview, taking photos and video directly in App
  • Requirements for the app: iOS 9.0 or later | Android 5.1 with Bluetooth LE or later
  • 2.4" color viewscreen for Image and video preview and review in field
  • 2 high-power IR-LEDs with a range up to 20 Meters
  • 0.3s ultra fast trigger speed and 1s Ultra fast recovery rate to ensure camera won't miss any action.
  • Long distance 65 feet with 3motion sensors
  • 6 month extended standby battery life
  • Ultra strong waterproof case design with IP66 standard
  • Easy open latch


Sensor:       13M SONY sensor for daytime, 48.0 Megapixel  (Interpolated)

                    2M SONY sensor for nighttime, 4.0 Megapixel  (Interpolated)

Video resolution: 3840x2160p(30fps), 2704x1520p(30fps), 2560x1440p(60fps),  

                          2560*1440p(30fps), 1920*1080p(60fps), 1920x1080p(30fps),                                  

                          848x480p(30fps), 640x368p(30fps)

Video Format:      MP4, H.264

Lens:             13MP lens: f=2.9mm  F/NO=3.0  FOV=80°

                      2MP lens:  f=4.0mm F/NO=1.4  FOV=93°

LCD:            6 cm (2.4“)  IPS TFT colour display

Trigger distance:  Up to 20 meter

Trigger time:      Appr. 0.3 second

Detection angle sensor:120°(Central PIR sensor: 60°, 2 Side PIR sensor: 30°)

IR flash range:       approx. 20 meter

Functions:          Multi-Shot 1 to 10 photos, Trigger interval 5sec. to 60min., video length 5 sec. to 3 min, interval                            shooting, timer, keyword protection, picture imprint, alarm for low battery power

Power:                8 x AA batteries type LR6 or external 6V/2A DC-adaptor

Standby:              Up to 6 months

Memory:              SD / SDHC memory cards up to 256 GB

Connectors:         USB 2.0 port, DC-in

IP class:               IP66

Dimensions:        Appr. 135 x 103 x 76

A best choice to close to the wildlife

Hunting: A powerful tool tailored for hunters, helps you easily search for prey and return fully loaded on joyful hunting trip!

Farm Monitoring: A reliable assistant to help you monitor your farm, prevent strangers from slipping into the farm.

Wildlife Monitoring: Suitable for researchers, wildlife lovers, to take you into the magical and mysterious animal world.

Home Security: This trail camera also acts as a home monitor, which will be a reliable security guard for your home.

What is in the box:

  • 1× Trail Camera
  • 1×USB Cable
  • 1×User Manual
  • 1×Mounting Strap
  • 1× Wall Mount
  • 3x Screws


1) Camera won’t power on.

Possible Cause

Batteries not fully installed, or not installed correctly.

Recommended Solution(s):

  • Install new AA alkaline batteries.
  • Make sure the positive (+) and negative (–) poles are lined up properly in each compartment, with (–) pole making contact with the spring.

2) Camera takes images without animals.

Possible Cause

A “false trigger” caused by motion (branches, water, etc.) and/or high heat in front of the camera lens when there is no subject in the image.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Move camera to spot without branches or water close to camera.
  • Change PIR sensitivity in menu settings.
  • Move camera to inside area without movement to check and see if it still takes pictures without movement. Contact customer service for possible repair or replacement.

3) Camera responds slowly to movement, does not always capture image when triggered.

Possible Cause

PIR sensitivity setting needs to be adjusted.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Go to “PIR Sensitivity” in the Setting Menu and increase the PIR sensitivity.

4) Battery life is shorter than expected.

Possible Cause

Battery life will vary with operating temperature and the number of images taken over time. Typically, you will be able to capture several thousand images before the batteries die.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Make sure you install all new alkaline AA batteries.
  • Longer delays will increase battery life.
  • (you’ll take less images and use less flash). Adjust these in the Settings Menu.

5) Camera stops taking images or won’t take images.

Possible Cause

The SD Card is full, in the locked position, improperly formatted, or the batteries are dead.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Check SD card. If full, download images, erase from card, reinstall empty card in camera.
  • Move the “write protect” switch to the unlocked position.
  • Reformat the card by using the “FORMAT” option in the Settings Menu.

6) Images appear off-color, ie. Red, green, or blue.

Possible Cause

Sensor is confused in certain lighting conditions.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • If seen consistently, sensor may need repair. Contact Customer Service.

7) Videos are too short, not recording to the length set.

Possible Cause

Batteries are low, SD card is full, or settings need adjustment.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Check battery power.
  • Check SD card. Replace or erase if full.
  • Adjust the video record length to avoid potential overheating of batteries and/or electronic components.

8) Forget the password of the trail camera.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Just enter the words “OPEN” to start the camera again.

9) Forget the WiFi password.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Default the trail camera to restores all settings to the factory defaults.
  • And then the password is “12345678”

10) The Bluetooth couldn’t open the WiFi hotspot.

Possible Cause

“Bluetooth” setting is off.

Recommended Solution(s)

  • Go to the Settings Menu, select “Bluetooth”, select “ON”

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